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I have served on a variety of committees in the legislature, but much of my work centers around being Chairman of the House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee, where I get to focus on issues related to public safety as well as Arizona’s veteran population and military bases.


I’ve received awards from pro-taxpayer and pro-education groups and have been a strong advocate for balanced budgets, strong schools, and low taxes.  I have a strong voting record on issues like Life, our 2nd Amendment rights, School Choice, Election Integrity, Parental Rights, Medical Freedom, and making Arizona one of the most job-friendly states in the country.


I have been called a common-sense conservative and I think that’s the best way to describe me.  I believe in limited government, low taxes, and allowing Arizonans to thrive with as little interference as possible.  A little more about me:

  • US NAVY Veteran 8 years honorably discharged

  • Married over 35 years, 4 children and 8 grandchildren

  • 4 years as Electrical Engineer

  • 3 years Aerospace Technical Consultant

  • 22 years Information Technology

  • Small Business Owner/Operator

  • Former GOP District Chairman

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