Arizona now spends more than half of its state budget on education, we’re giving our teachers a 20% pay raise, we’ve added hundreds of millions of dollars to increase the capacity of our physical schools, and Arizona has added several billion dollars in overall future education funding, all in the last few years. I will continue to champion a strong education system, support choice for parents so they can find the school that is the best fit for their kids, and look after our teachers.​


Arizona is a national leader in job growth thanks to our pro-growth environment. We want it to be easy to move here, start a business or find a job here, and make a good living. That means less hassle, less paperwork, and less bureaucracy. Clearly, its working. That’s why so many people and companies are moving here from states that are hostile to job creators. Arizona’s future growth will be largely related to the quality of its infrastructure. That means issues like water need long-term plans, and quality highways and rail systems will be needed to move product both domestically as well as internationally.


Arizona is proof you can have both if you’re willing to make the tough choices and say no to the big-spenders who want the government paycheck to pay for everything imaginable. I know that government checkbook is spending We The People’s money, so I want to safeguard it as carefully as
I would mine or yours. Today, Arizona is increasing spending on education, public safety, transportation, and more, while keeping taxes low. And we forecasted to have a surplus in our budget due to continued strong growth. This is great news for our state and our taxpayers.


There isn’t much left for states like Arizona to do when it comes to stopping illegal immigration, but that doesn’t mean that we should do nothing. I continue to advocate to our federal government that they do their job, secure our borders, and stop the flow of guns, drugs, and violence that crosses it. The situation is completely out of control and Washington D.C. would rather fight each other than protect us. Shame on them, but we’re going to continue pressing until our state is safe and secure.

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